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Childcare Outback

What it’s all about

Many farming families in Australia live in very remote locations and many are hundreds of kilometers from the closest town/school. This means that parents are responsible for their children's education and care. 

In some circumstances, mothers educate their children through a system called School of Distance Education (SDE) or School of the Air (SOTA) - depending on which state they live in.  Other families choose to hire a home tutor as both parents are required to work on the property.  As most families in the outback consist of more than one child, it will be your role to provide full day care to younger children and after school care in the afternoon.  

If you decide to take the leap, and join a family as their nanny/child care educator you take on a very special role.  This role will be very different to that of a mainstream day care.  You will become ‘part of the family’ and you will need to be accepting of a families beliefs and values and immerse yourself in what is possibly a very new way of life.

The families will provide you with accommodation while you are working for them—this may be in a separate house/cottage/quarters or possibly in the family residence.  This will vary from job to job.

Although your position will be providing child care in the family's home, there are many parts of station life that you may like to get involved in.  In this role you will become literally ‘part of the family’ and it is necessary to have a positive, ‘have-a-go’ attitude.  The children of the bush love to take on the role of ‘teacher’ themselves and will teach you about many things... things you never even knew existed!! 

For more information on what you are required to have to ‘Teach Outback’ please download our PDF information sheet  Information for Child Care Educators/Nannies.

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