Coming from a rural background I didn’t think that there would be much more to learn or gain from caring for children in the Outback but I was mistaken. It provided me with the opportunity to immerse myself into a completely new lifestyle. Rural families are some of the most welcoming, generous and kind hearted people that I have ever worked with and if you’re willing to try new things and give it a go then you will definitely not be disappointed.

I was always very lucky to have families that were just as grateful to have my help in the house or school room as they were in the paddock or yards! The things I learnt whilst working in the on properties have helped me develop and become more useful in other work areas and my current studies.

I can’t recommend working in the Outback enough! The common sense, independence and skills I developed are priceless and the communities you become involved in, new friends that you make and the loving relationships you share within your new families are truly unique.

Rachel, 21, Australia

I came to Australia with the intention of seeing all aspects of Australian life and by far living in the Outback has been the best experience. It is everything from the people you meet, the places you see and the many things you learn about not only bush living but yourself also.

Becoming a nanny on a cattle station for 18 months has left me with memories and stories that I will take home with me forever. My fear of being isolated and not getting on with the family quickly evaporated once I met them. They were the most welcoming and friendliest people which wasn’t restricted to just them but extended out to other family members and friends that I met through them. The relationships I have formed with the children in my care are amazing and I will always treasure them.

I would whole heartedly recommend everyone to visit the Outback and experience everything that goes with it. 

Aoife, 26, Ireland