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Teaching in the Outback

What it’s all about

Many farming families in Australia live in very remote locations, many hundreds of kilometers from the closest school. This means that children need to complete their education through a system called School of Distance Education (SDE) or School of the Air (SOTA), depending on what state you live in.

SDE and SOTA send lesson plans and resources to families who then have to deliver the curriculum to the children.  Some parents choose to take on the role of educator while others choose to employ a ‘governess’ or ‘home tutor’ (which are the outback words to describe a teacher).  The home tutor delivers the curriculum to the children in a classroom that is situated on the station/farm.  

Children on SDE and SOTA use technologies like conference phones, the internet and video conferencing to enhance their learning opportunities.  

If you decide to take the leap, and join a family as their home tutor/governess you take on a very special role.  This role is very different to that of mainstream teaching.  You will become ‘part of the family’ and you will need to be accepting of a families beliefs and values and immerse yourself in what is possibly a very new way of life.

What a way of life it is though!  Just read the testimonials of others who have gone before you!  Many have been teaching in mainstream urban schools for many years before looking for a change and heading to the outback.  All of them will tell you it has been a positive and life changing experience.

If you are passionate about educating young people and want to see the results of teaching individual programs to our awesome bush kids then this could be the job for you!

For more information on what you are required to have to ‘Teach Outback’ please download our PDF information sheet Information  for Teachers 

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