11/06/2013 11:16 am

After 6 months working and living the city life in Sydney, and doing the usual spending too much money on socialising than travelling, I found myself broke and sick of the concrete jungle surrounding me. I longed for open spaces and clean fresh air and so the decision to move to the Outback came about. With no knowledge of what bush life was truly like I accepted a job as a Nanny on a cattle station. It soon proved to be a job like no other. ‘Working as a Nanny is just minding kids isn’t it?’ Not when it’s on a cattle station. Granted, the first weeks took some adjusting to my new surroundings, but I soon learned to love them. 

Here are my top 10 reasons to work on an Australian cattle station.

1. Nature & Wildlife 

Yes there are snakes, mozzies, spiders and a whole lot of bugs around but there are also kangaroos, emus, green frogs, kookaburras, dingos, lorikeets, echidnas.......the list goes on! I soon learned to embrace the green frogs appearing in my bathroom and the gecko in my bedroom, they were after all eating the mozzies! 

The natural beauty of the outback landscape is also evident. I have never experienced sunsets quite like those in Australia; they are nothing short of spectacular and are a photo freaks dream!


 2. Isolation  

240km to the nearest supermarket!! A 75km dirt road driveway!! Yes, a cattle station is isolated, but it is far away from the noise and pollution that the city generates. With this isolation also brings plenty of rest and relaxation on days off. With nowhere to be, I had plenty of time to sit down and relax, enjoy a good book, take a walk and enjoy the wide open space and view the wildlife in their natural environment.......time passes a lot quicker than you would first think! And best of all, you will be amazed by the number of stars in the night sky!


 3. Daily Doses of Action  

Two days are never the same at a farm and something crazy is guaranteed to happen. Especially while mustering cattle!


 4. Bush Lifestyle  

Boiling the billy, mustering, camp drafting, rodeos, mini school, smoko, tele-lessons, swags.......these were all terms that were relatively unknown to me before moving to the outback but which I learned quickly!

bush life


bush life2

 5. Big Toys 

Cars, 4WD, trucks, bikes, ATVs, tractors, dozers, graders. There is always a new vehicle to try. Even though having no previous interest in learning to drive any vehicle other than a car I quickly learned the fun of riding through paddocks on a quad bike! And driver licenses don’t mean much out there!

Big Toys

 6. Learning New Skills 

Learning new skills are part of most jobs but as a qualified child care worker what job would ever have encouraged me to learn how to ride a horse, a quad bike, drive a ute on a dirt road and feed a poddy calf??

new skills

 7. Friendship 

Despite being isolated from peers, bush families attend a lot more social events than you would think! There are always camp drafts, rodeos, races and mini schools to attend. These social outlets help you form many friendships with others on surrounding cattle stations.


 8. Simple Things in Life 

After living on a cattle station for 18 months now, I have come to appreciate the simple things in life. After living without mobile phone reception, shopping for a new outfit, regular haircuts, manicures; pedicures...... I have realised I can live quite happily without them! Instead they were swapped with quality conversations, recycling outfits and for the first time in a long time I left my hair grow as long as it wanted!!

 9. Life long bonds

‘3 kids? That’s nothing compared to 20 kids a day I’ve had in a day care centre, easy!’ That was my initial thought on what I would face coming to work as a Nanny, how wrong I was! In many ways, working as a nanny was much more challenging but the bonds and relationships 

created with my new family were incredibly rewarding. Despite being the adult, these wonderful kids have taught me more about myself and their amazing lifestyle than I could have imagined or hoped for!


 10. Freedom

It’s just not a 9 to 5 job…its unpredictable and full of fun in the most beautiful of landscapes. 

If you are looking to try something different I would certainly recommend giving cowboy life a go. And the best part? They really need people out there. Bush kids have great pride in showing someone new their way of life and with good reason too!!