11/02/2014 2:38 pm


We are two mothers, Jenny and Veronica, who run two websites with education resources. We create much of our own clipart and everything on the site we have created from scratch. Veronica is a qualified teacher and Jenny is an artist.

Please take a look around the sites listed below, download some of the free resources on the front pages and subscribe if it is something you could use.

The cost is $25/year for 1000s of pages and includes any new resources we upload. We upload new resources EVERY week.


This is a site with activities for children from K-6. It includes day plans, literacy, numeracy, special events (e.g. the upcoming Winter Olympics), art and craft, games and lots of extra activities.


This site is aimed at children from preschool to Year 1. It contains activities in literacy, numeracy, art and craft, special events, posters, flash cards, colouring and so much more.


If you think TeachEzy is something that may interest you, our Facebook page will give you more information and it's free at  www.facebook.com/TeachEzy and also our Pinterest site at www.pinterest.com/TeachEzy